A great sale provides a fulfilling solution and the desire to repeat it

My approach to B2B & B2C sales begins with not only my drive to understand the strengths & weaknesses of my customer but to comprehend the, often complicated, decision path they take in route to a solution

My job is to grow the customer’s business, not mine

I keep expectations & communication clear, lead by example, and demand excellence among failure & success alike

I will fail with excellence by taking the opportunity to show how resourceful & dependable I really am

Leadership roles & Accomplishments

Digital Projection  Marketing & Communications Director

  • Partnered with Regional Account Managers (9 in the Americas) and over 30 rep groups (approx 150 persons), on customized sales and marketing programs to increase dealer sales and grow their account base
  • Developed sales campaigns, demos, and new product launches for the North, Central, & South American markets, each with established goals based on sales history & forecasts
  • Created sales & marketing programs involving web analytics & marketing automation, active landing pages, marketing materials (print & digital) and other marketing assets.
  • Developed sales-focused marketing strategies at both the rep-company & dealer level to help manage & improve our exposure to their customer
  • Traveled with Regional Sales Managers in their regions to assure their dealers & rep groups that we desire to go above and beyond to support them
  • Developed strategies for trade shows and demos to increase not only the number of participants but also to directly involve our reps ability to offer incentives and personal involvement to their dealers


Hawley Lambert Account Manager

  • Took over, turned, and grew a troubled territory that had been poorly represented and absent for a long period of time (grew number of accounts from 50 to more than 85 in less than 2 years, and per-dealer average sales were up almost 30%)
  • Surpassed sales with many of our exclusive and house brands (out of 30 reps) despite being in a lower sales bracket compared to our West Coast and New York regions
  • Partnered and traveled with other account managers as well as vendor reps to learn how we could better support our current and potential dealer network
  • Exercised extreme vigilance after losing our biggest vendor (Shimano, which was 33% of our business dollars), by tastefully increasing communication with dealers and coming up with innovative ways we could be of service to prevent losing at risk fulfillment orders


Free-Flite Bicycles Store Manager

  • Recruited by one of the nation’s top-rated Cycling retailers and former president of the NBDA to re-organize and manage a new store located in an environment differing from their other family-supported stores
  • Designed & re-modeled entire store layout to include: a private fitting area, relocating POS, service area, and bike & accessory displays, and offer a more open & pleasing experience without sacrificing floor inventory volume (South East Trek sales manager recognized it as the best-designed store in his territory)
  • Made groundbreaking achievements in a new store by creating an energetic culture within the store as well as with our community, which in turn supported a rapid sales growth far exceeding expectations
  • Despite being further away from the Atlanta Metro than our other, much more established stores, in less than a year, our location had a higher average number of weekly riders (road and mountain) than our other locations and had by far had more riders than any other dealer in the country participating in Trek’s annual ride for Breast Cancer and the Susan G. Komen foundation


Maxxis International / CST Brand, Marketing, & Sales Manager

  • Created a business plan to successfully develop & launch a new brand and category of bicycle, motorcycle, & ATV line of tires to the global market
  • Collaborated with teams in Europe & Asia to forecast realistic Distributor, Dealer, & OEM sales numbers to plan production, delivery, and product launches
  • Established a distribution & sales channel to succeed as well as provide analytics to aid in planning future growth
  • Worked alongside in the sales, marketing, & development of the more established Maxxis brand

Enterprise Rent-a-Car Manager

  • Rose quickly in the management trainee program and succeeded in accepting a rarely given offer to be promoted to a region in another state
  • Managed fleets of over 450 vehicles between multiple locations and sustained an average of over 90% occupancy
  • Drove and grew business by establishing an incredible network of corporate accounts, dealerships, body shops, and service centers
  • Developed incentive programs and a reward system for top performers in sales & customer service that kept my team motivated and successful


Retail & Manufacturer Consulting

  • Helped several new & existing retailers reorganize operations to increase & sustain growth in a rapidly evolving marketplace
  • Consulted with new & existing business owners on the development, location, and metrics of new & additional retail stores
  • Created effective floorplans & store design for retailers based on current budgets with the flexibility of potential growth
  • Implemented better business practices by evaluating store operations and initiating changes involving inventory control, advanced POS systems, forecasting using historical data, marketing & communication tactics, and staffing
  • Worked with several manufacturers on market studies, product development, and testing procedures